Everest Base Camp Trek

Good morning Malcolm/ JYOTI

We got back to Durban on Sunday night and I just keep wishing that I was back in the Himalayas!

Many, many, many thanks for arranging such a magnificent trip. I can only reiterate the fulsome praise for the Eco-Trek (Holy Himalaya) guys and their professionalism and friendly attitude at all times.

What an amazing people and I feel privileged indeed to have been with them for even such a short period.

I enjoyed the trekking very much (no flat walks in Nepal!) and we were very lucky to have a large amount of snow at Everest Base Camp – extremely beautiful.

Certainly, one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I hope to be going there again soon.

Thanks again for your expertise, and assistance in every way,

John Storm

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John Storm
Annapurna Trek

Dear Malcolm and Jyoti,

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and every moment of our time spent in Nepal.

With Annapurna fresh in our memories we are tempted to say that this trek was even

more exciting than the Everest trail. Of course, our previous visit was an unbelievable

experience, which caused us to fall in love with the beautiful country. But it was also

perhaps because we knew how much more Nepal has to offer that drew us into going

again, and we appreciate how much more informative this trek was compared to


As has been said repeatedly and has been emphasised while looking at the

photographs – the variety of terrain, scenery, and temperature was very special. We

especially enjoyed guide’s extensive knowledge, and felt we learnt so much about

the culture, religion, and the people that we weren’t even aware of before. We found

it very interesting learning about the different ethnic groups and the detailed

information the monasteries and surrounding areas. Trekking through the many

villages also added so much warmth to the experience.

With regards to Eco Trek, we can do nothing but rave about their wonderful support

team, and how unforgettable their joyful personalities make each and every trek.

Please extend our deepest thanks to Jyoti as well. Given half a chance we won’t

hesitate to go to Nepal every year but have decided to first see some other places as


Kind regards

Hester and Christelle (Honeydew).

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Hester and Christelle (Honeydew).
Annapurna Trek

Namaste Jyoti!

Nice to be home, but I miss Nepal and the friendly people...

I just want to thank you again for an unforgettable hike! 

You want feedback, so let me start: the meeting at the airport was

something to never forget: the smiling faces, the flowers, wow!

Then the Holy Himalaya Hotel and staff: so overwhelming friendly, a

wonderful room and all the luxuries!

And you always there: attentive and friendly! 5 star service!

Then the hike itself: a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!

So well organized to the smallest detail! 

The guide did his utmost best to make it an unforgettable


All members of team, were always at our service, did their best to

lead us on the best routes to get away from the road, they were

always attentive to our needs, helped when needed, informed us

ahead of any changes in route/ or program. Guide was also very well

informed about the region and culture and answer questions most

patiently. He also booked us the best available accommodation and

also had an eye on the kitchen!

Really, Saroj, we could not ask for a better guide to lead! He was

keen to know if someone was not feeling well; always had his finger

on the pulse of the group.

The food: well, I expected only pasta - but could order from a menu!

We just could not believe our luck!

I just want you to know: you organized a really amazing trip for us!

Thank you so much! I would like to come back to Nepal in a few

years and do the Everest base camp hike...

Be sure: I will advertise your company where ever I go in South


With warm regards

Sonica Louw

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Sonica Louw