Why Join a guided trek?

Why Join a Guided Trek?
Dreaming about trekking in Nepal on your next holiday?  Looking for options for the trip of a life time? Here are our top 5 reasons to consider a guided trek. 
We’ve been organizing guided treks since 1992 across Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. So here is what people tell us they appreciate most about joining our guided trek. 

1. Lean something new every day.
If you are interest in learning about the regions you visit then this should be your top reason for joining a guided trek. Throughout the day on your trek, at rest stops along the way or at the lodge or camp at the end of the evening, your guide provides inside information on Nepal’s history, geography, community and its religious and cultural heritage. 

2. Safety and Support
Travelling as part of a guided trek means your experienced guide is constantly aware and monitoring any potential hazards. We have safety plans, and procedures and have experience handling rescue from some of the most remote of locations. Your guide and support team are always there to help, from getting you a hot cup of tea in the morning to baking a surprise birthday cake in a remote location to helping you find gifts for your friends back home at the end of your trek. You are in good hands. 

3. Save Time and Money
Organizing and booking travel takes time, local knowledge and money. While some people enjoy researching countless websites, making numerous calls to book the various aspects of your holiday themselves, for some this hassle is just too much. In such a case, let us organize every element of your holiday, take care of anything unexpected that occurs along the way and make sure you have all the information and support you need before you leave home all while providing you the best value for the money. 

4. Meet People
We travel to experience places, its culture, heritage and people. Joining a small group to trek in Nepal is a great option for people travelling alone to make friends and travel companions. Most of our guides belong to the regions we operate in, and are able to introduce you to people you’d normally never otherwise come across. 

5. The best guides, porters and crew members. 
We employee some of the best guides in the industry with a wealth of outdoor and hiking experience. With our guides you do not just visit a place, you experience it. Follow our guides away from the beaten trails and you’ll discover a world not found on any guidebook. 

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