Situated south of Na in the upper Rolwaling area, Ramdung, also called Ramdung Go, is one of a cluster of peaks around the Yalung La (5,310m/17,421ft), a pass giving access to the upper Rolwaling from the south, via the Khare Khola. The peaks in the area were first explored by Scottish Himalayan expedition, led by Bill Murray in 1952, when three of the peaks near the pass, Yalung Ri (5,630m/18,471ft), Chhugyima Go (6,259m/20,534ft), and Ramdung were climbed. In 1955 the peak had its second ascent by members of the Merseyside expedition. Since then Ramdung has been climbed numerous times is an ideal summit for groups wanting to trek and climb in the still little visited Rolwaling Himal area.
Although the mountain, by it normal route of ascent, is straightforward, its virtues lie in its magnificent position and splendid summit panorama that ranges from Langtang to Everest and provides a splendid view of Gauri Shankar and Menlungtse. 
The Climb: Northeast Face from the Yalung La :
Despite the fact that the peak is not very high the approach from Na covers a good distance and most parties require two high camps for the ascent. Camp 1 is set up around 4,900 meters (16,000ft) below the Yalung La. Climbing towards the pass and the snow Camp 2 is placed on the broad glacier slopes east of the pass. Ascend the slopes of the Ramdung Glacier south-west of the subsidiary peak onto a saddle at the junction with the Yalung Glacier (5,650m/18,537ft). From here it takes is about a 4 hour climb to the top depending on snow conditions.
The Rolwaling Trek :
The trek through Rolwaling has everything that trekking in the Himalayas has to offer. The trek starts from Lamusangu or Charikot and initially goes through the lower valleys flanked by terraced fields, farm houses and forested slopes. The higher valleys of Rolwaling are inhabited by the Sherpa people who cultivate maize, barley, potatoes and graze their yaks herds in the higher valleys below the snow capped peaks. Above the villages of Beding and Na the route comes to the glaciated valleys where lines glacial lakes like Tso Rolpa. After the ascent of Ramdung trekkers can cross the Tesi Lapcha pass (5,755m/18,875ft) to Namche Bazaar on the Everest Base Camp route. From Namche one can take a side trip to Everest Base Camp or trek directly to Lukla and catch a plane for Kathmandu.


Package Details

Destination Nepal
Activity Peak Climbing
Max Altitude 5925 m
Final Dest Ramdung Go
Starts From Charikot
Ends At Namche Bazar
Accomodation Camping
No. of Days 19
Activities Per Day
Preferred Season
Jan Feb Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
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  • Day 1 Kathmandu arrival.
  • Day 2 Day in Kathmandu.
  • Day 3 Drive to Katmandu – Charikot - 1980m.
  • Day 4 Charikot – Shiguti 950m.
  • Day 5 Shiguti – Manthale 1070m.
  • Day 6 Mantale – Simagaon 1990 m.
  • Day 7 Simagaon – Dongang 2760 m.
  • Day 8 Dongang – Beding 3690 m.
  • Day 9 A rest day side trip to Lha Dengka (4030m.
  • Day 10 Beding/ Na or Tso Rolpa - 4180/ 4540m.
  • Day 11 Tso Rolpa Yalung or Ramdung Go peak 5930m.
  • Day 12 Tso Rolpa - Noisy point 4980m.
  • Day 13 Tashi Laptsa 5755m- Pachermo – Thengpo-4230m.
  • Day 14 A rest day/ Thame 3820m.
  • Day 15 Namche Bazar 3440m.
  • Day 16 Namche Bazar – Lukla - 2840m.
  • Day 17 Kathmandu fly back.
  • Day 18 Kathmandu.
  • Day 19 Departure.

  • Day 1(Kathmandu arrival.)

    Arrive to Kathmandu 's Tribhuvan International airport and be meet by a member of our crew. We will be driven to our hotel and later go on a familiarization walk with one of our guide.

  • Day 2(Day in Kathmandu.)

    Spend the day on a guided tour of sacred Tibetan Stupas and monasteries. Later we will return to prepare for our trek. Overnight in Hotel

  • Day 3(Drive to Katmandu – Charikot - 1980m.)

    Drive to Katmandu – Charikot - 1980m.

  • Day 4(Charikot – Shiguti 950m.)

    Charikot – Shiguti 950 m.

  • Day 5(Shiguti – Manthale 1070m.)

    Shiguti – Manthale 1070m.

  • Day 6(Mantale – Simagaon 1990 m.)

    Mantale – Simagaon 1990 m.

  • Day 7(Simagaon – Dongang 2760 m.)

    Simagaon – Dongang 2760 m.

  • Day 8(Dongang – Beding 3690 m.)

    Dongang – Beding 3690 m.

  • Day 9(A rest day side trip to Lha Dengka (4030m.)

    A rest day  side trip to Lha Dengka 4030m.

  • Day 10(Beding/ Na or Tso Rolpa - 4180/ 4540m.)

    Beding/ Na or Tso Rolpa - 4180/ 4540m.


  • Day 11(Tso Rolpa Yalung or Ramdung Go peak 5930m.)

    Tso Rolpa ( Yalung  or Ramdung Go peak 5930m  is possible climb if we plan to climb it An easier day or day for Ramdung Summit 5930m.

  • Day 12(Tso Rolpa - Noisy point 4980m.)

    Tso Rolpa - Noisy point 4980m.

  • Day 13(Tashi Laptsa 5755m- Pachermo – Thengpo-4230m.)

    Tashi Laptsa (5755m)- Pachermo – Thengpo  (4230m) (also possible to climb Parchamo 6273m instead of 
    Ramdung Go)

  • Day 14(A rest day/ Thame 3820m.)

    A rest day/ Thame 3820m.

  • Day 15(Namche Bazar 3440m.)

    Namche Bazar 3440m.

  • Day 16(Namche Bazar – Lukla - 2840m.)

    Namche Bazar – Lukla - 2840m.

  • Day 17(Kathmandu fly back.)

    Kathmandu fly back.

  • Day 18(Kathmandu.)


  • Day 19(Departure.)


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