At 6476 metres, Mera Peak is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. When this is combined with the fact that it offers unparalleled views and stunning panoramas it makes this trekking peak one of the most sought after mountaineering trips in Nepal. Mera Peak is not technically difficult, but there is the altitude to contend with which makes this an exciting and challenging trip.

Our custom tailored itinerary gets you off the beaten track and immerses you in the local culture along the way. The approach to Mera Peak is as beautiful as the climb itself. 

We fly to Lukla and trek in to the Hinku Valley over the Zatrwa La. After careful acclimatization and instruction to ensure that you will be safe on the mountain we set up Base Camp at the Mera La. From here we can make our summit bid and enjoy the views of the Khumbu Himal to our north. We then head north towards the Mingbo La, which gives us access to the Khumbu valley beyond. It also means that we do not have to retrace our steps, giving us a circular journey and the chance to explore different regions during the trip.There are spare days allocated in the itinerary for acclimatization and in case of bad weather.

The summit offers the best views with five of the six highest mountains on Earth. Cho Oyu (8201m), Lhotse (8516m), Everest (8848m) and Makalu (8463m) are all very close by, and when it’s clear you will also be able to see Kangchenjunga (8586m) – 3rd highest peak on the planet – which lies on the Indian border far away to the east. Of the six highest peaks on earth, only K2 (8611m) in distant Pakistan is beyond your vision. It’s a truly memorable view that you will cherish. 

This expedition is suitable for those visiting the Himalayas for the first time or a keen trekker with some previous experience of using crampons and ice axes. However, one can learn these basic mountaineering skills while on the expedition itself, during a training session at base camp.


Package Details

Destination Nepal
Activity Peak Climbing
Max Altitude 6476 m
Final Dest Mera Peak
Starts From Lukla
Ends At Lukla
Accomodation Camping
No. of Days 20
Activities Per Day
5 hour walking per day
Preferred Season
Mar Apr May Sept Oct Nov

  • Day 1 Arrive in Kathmandu
  • Day 2 Easy day in Kathmandu.
  • Day 3 Fly to Lukla and 4 hrs trek to Chutok (2,730m/8,954ft)
  • Day 4 Chutanga to Pangkoma (2,850m/9,48ft): 6 hrs
  • Day 5 Pangkoma to Nigmsa (2,745m/9,003ft): 5 hrs
  • Day 6 Nigmsa to Chetra Khola (3,150m/10,332ft): 8 hrs
  • Day 7 Chetra Khola to Kothe (3,600m/11,808ft): 7 hrs
  • Day 8 Kothe to Tangnang (4,350m/14,270ft): 4 hrs
  • Day 9 Day 09: Acclimatization Day with day hike.
  • Day 10 Tangnang to Khare (5,045m/16,486ft): 3 hrs
  • Day 11 Khare to Mera Base Camp (5,300m/17,384ft): 4 hrs
  • Day 12 Mera Base Camp to High Camp (5,780m/18,958ft): 5 hrs
  • Day 13 Mera High Camp to Summit (6,461m/21,1907ft) and back to Khare (5,045m/ 16,548ft): 8-10 hrs
  • Day 14 Reserve Day for Contingency
  • Day 15 Khare to Kothe: (3,600m/11,808ft): 4 to 5 hrs
  • Day 16 Kothe to Thuli Kharka: 6 hrs
  • Day 17 Thuli Kharka to Lukla: 7 hrs
  • Day 18 Fly back to Kathmandu
  • Day 19 Day 19: Day for shopping.
  • Day 20 Day 20: Departure.

  • Day 1(Arrive in Kathmandu )

    Arrive Kathmandu [1,300m/4,264ft]: Pick up and transfer to our Hotel. “Holy Himalaya” is one of the best hotels in Thamel, the hub of tourism in the Kathmandu Valley. Dinner on arrival and if time permits, we will arrange an easy walk in Thamel.

  • Day 2(Easy day in Kathmandu. )

    Breakfast – the Holy Himalaya Hotel serves a top level breakfast, catering for most nationalities and most tastes. We can provide transport and a guide for a half-day tour of the city as per interests, to learn about the history and the day to day on going activities of the country you are visiting. (UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Durbar square, Swoyambhunath, Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath, or the top sightseeing places in the Kathmandu valley can be visited.) 

  • Day 3(Fly to Lukla and 4 hrs trek to Chutok (2,730m/8,954ft))

    Generally the flights to Lukla take place in the early morning (45 minutes). Depending on flight time, we will have breakfast either in Kathmandu or in Lukla on arrival, before starting the trek. This is a fairly easy day with the full beauty of the Himalaya on view. Peaks (Knodge Ri, Tang Ragi Tu, Khatang), jungle, traditional villages, and the friendly faces of the people in the area will be highlights of the day. By afternoon we will be at our camp site, Chutanga. Light packed-lunch, and dinner in camp.

  • Day 4(Chutanga to Pangkoma (2,850m/9,48ft): 6 hrs)

    A lovely day’s walk through bamboo and rhododendron forests with views of the Dudhkoshi river valley and Dudh Kund Himal. By late afternoon we will be at Pangkongama Village.

  • Day 5(Pangkoma to Nigmsa (2,745m/9,003ft): 5 hrs)

    Walk via Mani wall, pine and rhododendron forest with views of the peaks.

  • Day 6(Nigmsa to Chetra Khola (3,150m/10,332ft): 8 hrs)

    Walk via rhododendron and bamboo forests all the way to the stream.

  • Day 7(Chetra Khola to Kothe (3,600m/11,808ft): 7 hrs)

    Walk in the Hinku Valley with bamboo and pine forests and views of Mera Peak and the Hinku Valley. Trekkers may encounter wild animals such jungle cats and slot bear. By late afternoon we reach our camp site at Kothe.

  • Day 8(Kothe to Tangnang (4,350m/14,270ft): 4 hrs )

    This is an easier walking day. The Hinku Valley, in the shadow of Mera Peak, offers enjoyable moments in the herder's settlement. The camp site at Thangang is close to Lungsumba Gumba where locally-run shops, and a basic lodge can be found. 


  • Day 9(Day 09: Acclimatization Day with day hike.)

    After breakfast we have a hike to Charpate Glacier for 3 hrs. This is the best place to see the North Face of Mera close up.

  • Day 10(Tangnang to Khare (5,045m/16,486ft): 3 hrs)

    Today we have a lovely walk on the moraine towards the base camp of Mera. Towards the end the climb steepens as we approach our camp site at Khare. From here we have excellent views of the Mera North Face.

  • Day 11(Khare to Mera Base Camp (5,300m/17,384ft): 4 hrs)

    A tough walk on a steep, boulder-strewn moraine. The highlight of the day is ice-climbing practice in preparation for the climb.

  • Day 12( Mera Base Camp to High Camp (5,780m/18,958ft): 5 hrs )

    A two hour’s walk on rock-strewn and crevassed terrain takes us to High Camp. This camp is on the summit next to a large cairn. The bonuses here are the sunrise or sunset views of peaks that include Mt. Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and south faces of Lotshe, Nuptse, Chamlang and Baruntse.

  • Day 13(Mera High Camp to Summit (6,461m/21,1907ft) and back to Khare (5,045m/ 16,548ft): 8-10 hrs)

    The climbing commences at first light. A fit climber can be on the summit by sunrise (4 hrs) to enjoy the beauty of the skyline:

           Mt. Everest (8,848m/29,021ft)

           Cho-Oyu (8,210m/26,928ft)

           Lhotse (8,516m/27,935ft)

           Makalu (8,463m/27,760ft)

           Kangchenjunga (8,586m/28,165ft)

           Nuptse (7,855m/25,765ft)

           Chamlang (7,319m/24,010ft)

           Baruntse (7,129m 23,383ft)

           Ama Dablam (6,812m/22,343ft) Kangtega (6,779m/22,235)

    On our return to High Camp we have hot drinks and then descend to Khare for our night’s stop. 


  • Day 14(Reserve Day for Contingency)

    The extra day can be used anywhere on the trip, or we can return a day earlier, as circumstances prescribe.

  • Day 15(Khare to Kothe: (3,600m/11,808ft): 4 to 5 hrs )

    Khare to Kothe: (3,600m/11,808ft): 4 to 5 hrs 

  • Day 16(Kothe to Thuli Kharka: 6 hrs )

    Kothe to Thuli Kharka: 6 hrs 

  • Day 17(Thuli Kharka to Lukla: 7 hrs )

    Thuli Kharka to Lukla: 7 hrs  

  • Day 18(Fly back to Kathmandu )

    Fly back to Kathmandu 

    We will have a celebratory dinner for the success of the expedition.

  • Day 19(Day 19: Day for shopping.)

    Day for shopping. Exploring the ancient city. 

  • Day 20(Day 20: Departure. )


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Cost Excludes

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