Is there a weight limit for the bag on the trip?
One bag with 15 kg is good enough Light  travelling.

Is there a preferred type of bag for the trip?
Rucksack is better always, porters loves type of. We can provide a duffle bag for each yatris. 

Does Eco Trek have a suggested list of items to bring?
Yes, we do have check below!


At the lodging/camping along the route will one be able to hand wash a few clothing items each night and have them ready for the trip to the next day?  Or should one bring multiple items to last the whole trip?

It is always possible to have hand washing (wearing)…next morning generally it works well to put on again as long as you are fit physically on altitude. 


If a person has an injury along the trip or is unable to complete trip, what is the contingency to get the person to the next town, etc.

Each 6 Yatris will have one assistance/helper so, it is manageable easily. Even heli rescue from close by border or all type of support is possible on needs (cost should cover by insurance/ or personal) including road rescue. Make sure that your insurance is included spots type of since trekking is consider  more spots. It costs that is all. All the bills will be yours.

How is a lodge and food facility on route? 

Very simple, group sharing, Dharmasala type of rooms are included. Many places you can have your own room with paying extra.  Costs close to 4000IRS for a nice room/night.

How much a horse and helper costs for kora? 

Depend on the demand. it costs from 12,000 to 20,000 for 3 days trip. It is extra/ US $300. 

Any other costs? 

Yes, there will be little here and there always. Talk to trip leader. Around IRs10000.00 extra is better to carry for it.

Medical Certificate: We do not need to produce any medical certificate to any boy or anywhere. Just for safety region to use in emergency if you are with medical reports (basic) it helps a lot. That is all.

Nepal visa (Indian passport holders does not need any visa to be in Nepal): you will get on arrival in Kathmandu. For 30days valid multi entry visa it costs 40$ each Be sure you are having 2 copies of passport size picture, cash us $, local address in visa form you can use Holy Himalaya, thamel.

Tibet visa/ permit: we will issue for you in Kathmandu (Indian passports in Delhi).


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