Price (break down) in details (if the size is 32 to 50 member’s team).
1)  US $ 880.00 (IPSC price)which includes: All the road trips (in Tibet) will be on deluxe comfortable bus with a back up jeep on each group to support on needs. No extra charge will be there if s/he need to return back to border (Kodari) because of bad health.
a.  Tibet site transfer,
b.  Entry permits 
c.  6 night accommodation (Nylam 3 nights, Manasarovar 2 nights and Dharchen 1 night), 
d.  Yaks (one for each 3 yatris based) for Parikarma/Kora days. 
e.  Visa approval
2)  US $ 100.00 (Nepal side):
a.  Airport transfer (group), 
b.  Hotel for 3 nights using twin sharing room,
c.  half day tour (Pashupatinath, baudhanath/Nilkantha narayan),
d.  9 meals (veg) with tea/coffee available on any time!
3)  US $ 150.00 for staff back up (1 staff for each 4 yatris) 
a.  Nepali staff (leader, cook and support team), their visa and all the costs are included on this price.
4)  US $ 150.00 meals and accommodation in Dongba/Saga, Derapuk and Zuthalpuk (parikarma days)
a.  30 meals (veg), drinks, while you are in Tibet, 
b.  Lodge and kitchen costs on road (dongba/Saga) and on trekking/Parikarma days (Derapuk and Zuthal puk),
5)  US $ 50.00 visa (subject to change, we will add 10 $ service charge on exact price)
6)   US $ 150.00 service charge includes:
a)   sleeping bag,
b)   jackets,
c)   cap, 
d)   walking stick on Parikarma days,
e)   duffel bag,
f)    day pack.
7)  If anybody are willing to use Horse and helper on Parikarma days it costs: 300 US $ for 3 days trip,  using only helper or horse the cost will be less accordingly.
8)  If wish to have a deluxe package with using jeeps on the entire trip, best possible hotel in Tibet with bath rooms (two in one at Nylam, Saga and Darchen for 6 nights) costs each US $ 400.00 extra.
9)  Hotel in Kathmandu: We will use one of the following hotel. Hotel Holy Himalaya, Hotel Grand, Hotel Royal Sing, Hotel Wood Land, Hotel Marshyandi, Hotel Vaisali or similar with 3 meals/day.
10)  Muktinath trip: if group like to have Muktinath trip as part of the Kailash yatra we will add 3 more days and it costs each IRs 22,000.00 or 540US $ for NRI.
Payment Note: you can pay 5000 Rs as booking fees (non refundable) and balance in Kathmandu on arrival. Or you can transfer the amount by Bank as well either in Nepal or in Tibet. If you need to pay in Indian itself we will give you best options.
Risk and Liabilities:
Eco Trek or Holy Himalaya group is one of the best companies for outdoor activities in the Himalaya since 1992. We are the Yatra pioneers in the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage to the Holiest part of the world including Mt. Kailash and Muktinath.  We are always getting rewarding results on operations with smooth and pleasant journeys. However the entire program in Tibet is conducted strictly under the rules and regulations of Government of China (Tibet Tourism Bureau). Therefore, Holy Himalaya Group and its related organizations will not be held responsible for any changes in the itineraries due to unavoidable circumstance such as Government restriction, land slide, road blockage, flood, snow, and Political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay, shortage of facilities on rush hour, sickness or Accident. 
A clear, colour copy of passport on booking (by email) with minimum six months valid passport and two copies of passport size photograph on arrival. A normal health certificate from your personal doctor for those who are 60 years and above of age is recommended. Also a paper copy of medical history always helps in case of an emergency (officially there is an age limit for Indian passport holders i.e. 70 years).
We will collect all the original passports 10 days in advance in Delhi prior to your departure to Kathmandu (all the Indian passports). Passport from Nonresidential Indian  will be collected on arrival in Kathmandu.


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