IN TOWN OR ROAD SIDE, big numbers of modern house/ building are safe and good to live... So, our town/house are not gone completely...

Villages, almost all house gone but we can build it, ourselves, may be many of us need more time, some soft loan/ support. Very important is technology and skills. That is what we need to support… give them idea, some sample home. Our team is working on it as well. The first memorial home is one of it.

Our boys are still supporting schools to make their temporary class rooms. This morning we handover 54 two men tents to the teachers for their personal uses as house. I was there, too.

Our school building (modern building) project as Mulapani (village) started again. It is finance by Mandi Namaste (Italian)with 40,000Euro, 5 class rooms, modern building. Last year with 70,000.00 Euro we build one at Phulkhrka (Agriculture building) which is only one not destroyed by the April Earthquake.

Yes, village are slowly continuing their self sustaining farming life style. Many upper village/ mountain needs time to find right place for their future.

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